Workfront Fusion

Workfront Fusion is an integration platform that enables customers to connect Workfront to multiple third-party applications. The Workfront Fusion environment can be tailored to your specific needs and use cases. For example, you can create a new project in Workfront once your marketing budget is approved in another application. 

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Using Workfront Fusion

Designer is the core tool for building connections in Workfront Fusion, and contains a few basic elements. Everything you build inside Designer contains these elements.

  • FLO: Integrations in Workfront Fusion are built using FLOs. A FLO is a process with a series of steps that is kicked off by a singular event (e.g. a record is added or updated or a period of time has elapsed).
  • Card: A unit of functionality, either an Action or Event. Each step in a FLO is called a card. An Event card triggers a series of Actions that manipulate data or connect Workfront Fusion to your desired application.
  • Input Field: A field that accepts a value of a certain type that is user-defined.
  • Output Field: A field that contains a value that is defined at the runtime of the FLO. Each card accepts data as an input and returns new data as an output.

Workfront Fusion offers a library of prebuilt cloud applications that allow you to activate a FLO when events occur inside a selected cloud application. Workfront Fusion has over 140 available connectors.

In your Workfront Fusion package, you get a certain number of tables per connector and days of Execution History.

  • Table: Used to store data across different FLOs with no external services or additional credentials required. Tables allow for efficient integration lookups or other processing needs.
  • Execution History (FLO History): The record of every aspect of data in every FLO. It is commonly used for troubleshooting issues with individual FLOs.

For more information about how to use the Workfront Fusion product, access the Help Center (login required) within the Workfront Fusion application.

Getting Workfront Fusion

To unlock the power of Workfront Fusion for your organization, please contact your account team.

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