January - March 2018 Documentation Updates

This article describes changes that were made to the Workfront documentation between January - March 2018 based on features that are generally available (available to all Workfront customers).

Article or Section


Article Status

Effective Date

Using the API Explorer New article explaining how to use the API Explorer. New March 22, 2018
Understanding Workfront Integrations Updated the section "Included Integrations (No Additional Cost)" to include the Workfront Adobe Connector. Updated March 16, 2018
Making Decisions on a Proof New article explaining how to make a decision on a proof and the various decisions you can make. New March 15, 2018
API Basics Added information about using filter parameters when using the API to retrieve an object. Updated March 14, 2018
Understanding Lag Types Updated information about the Day of the Week Lag Type. Updated March 13, 2018
Getting Started with the Workfront Mobile App Updated information about the time limit of a Workfront mobile session based on how you log in to the mobile app. Updated March 7, 2018
Understanding Differences and Similarities between Groups and Teams New article that documents differences and similarities between Groups and Teams. New March 7, 2018
Understanding Resolving and Resolvable Objects Updated information about viewing information for the Resolving and Resolvable Objects in a report. Updated March 6, 2018
Differentiating between Projected and Estimated Dates New article that documents the differences between the task Projected and Estimated Dates. New March 2, 2018
Using the Workfront Extension for Adobe Creative Cloud Updated the versions of Adobe Creative Cloud applications that are supported by the Workfront extension. Updated Feb 26, 2018
Setting Up Your Event Subscription Endpoint New article that documents the requirements for a configured service endpoint. New Feb 22, 2018
Understanding How Often Users Log in to Workfront New article that documents how to find out how often users log in to Workfront.  New  Feb 21, 2018
Understanding Group Administrators New article documenting the access needed to be a Group Administrator and the capabilities of a Group Administrator. New Feb 21, 2018
Understanding Common Uses of Text Mode New article with information about specific use cases for text mode.  New Feb 16, 2018
Managing API Keys for the Workfront System Added information about generating an API key for non-admin users. Updated Feb 15, 2018
Improvements When Adding Proofs  Removed the Note stating the features were not available in Preview yet.  They are now all available. Updated Feb 15, 2018
Requiring Time to Be Approved for a Project Updated information about the access needed to approve time on a project. Updated Feb 12, 2018
Understanding Project Access Updated information about sharing defaults for projects in the Access Level. Updated Feb 8, 2018
Understanding Portfolio Access Updated information about how portfolio access is not inherited by lower-ranking items under portfolios.  Updated Feb 8, 2018
Understanding the Workfront Access Model Updated the differences between access and permissions in the Workfront Access Model. Updated Feb 8, 2018 
What's New in API Version 9 New article that lists newly added, updated, and deleted resources in Version 9 of the API. New Jan 30, 2018
Deactivating Single Sign-On in Workfront New article that documents how to disable Single Sign-On in Workfront. New Jan 25, 2018
Simple Duration Type Updated information about editing Planned Hours and Duration on tasks with Simple Duration Type. Updated Jan 25, 2018
Resetting Credentials for Another User New article that outlines how to reset another user's password and username. New Jan 25, 2018
Tracking Costs Updated information about tracking costs on issues. Updated Jan 25, 2018
Understanding Escaped Characters in API Responses New article listing the escape sequences encoded in Workfront API responses. New Jan 22, 2018
Event Subscription Resource Fields New article listing fields available for all event subscription resources. New Jan 12, 2018
Changing the Status of a Project Updated information about permissions needed to edit the status of a project, and about condition when a project can be marked as Complete.  Updated Jan 8, 2018
Understanding Currently Released Resource Management Functionality Updated Resource Planning functionality released to Preview in the 18.1 beta 3 release. Updated Jan 5, 2018
Overriding Job Role Billing Rates on a Project and Calculating Revenue Updated information about recalculating finances on projects.  Updated Jan 3, 2018
Updating SAML 2.0 Metadata in Your Identity Provider Added Centrify as one of the supported identity providers. Updated Jan 2, 2018


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