Configuring User Information in Workfront Proof
  1. Begin creating or editing a user as described in one of the following sections:
  2. Specify the following information:
    • In the Personal Details section:
      • Email Address: The user's email address.
      • First Name: The user's first name.
      • Last Name: The user's last name. 
      • Position: The user's position in the company.
      • Permission profile: The user's permissions on the proof account. Choose from AdministratorSupervisorManager, or Observer
      • Language: The user's primary language. 
      • Time zone: Select the user's time zone. 
      • Date format: Select the user's preferred date format. 
      • Opt in - Product and marketing emails: Select whether to opt the user in for product and marketing emails. 
      • API only: Allows the user to log in only via the API.
    • In the User Details section, type the user's contact information, such as street address and phone number.
    • In the Default proof settings section, configure the settings that affect the way the user creates or works on proofs.
      • Default proof role: Select a default proof role for the user. Role options are Read onlyReviewerApproverReviewer & ApproverAuthor, or Moderator.
        For more information on proof roles, see "Understanding Proof Roles."
      • Lock the proof when all decisions are made: Automatically locks the proof from further changes after all decisions on the proof are made.
      • Login required. The proof can only be shared with other users: Makes the proof available only to users with Workfront Proof login credentials.  
      • Only one decision required: Requires only one decision on a proof.
      • Download of original file: Enables the user to download the original file for a proof. This option is enabled by default.
        For more information on downloading original files, see "Downloading original files." 
      • Public sharing. The proof can be shared via a public URL or embedded code: Enables the user to share proofs via a public URL or embed code.
        This option is enabled by default but is not available if the Login required option is selected.
        For more information on sharing proofs, see "Sharing the Public URL."
      • Subscription. People can sign up for the proof via the public URL or embed code: Allows reviewers external to the organization to sign up for the proof via the public URL or embed code.
        When this option is selected, Subscriber must click a link in an email to access a proof is also available. Select this option to require the external reviewer to click a link within the email to access the proof. 
        This option is enabled by default if the Public sharing option is selected. 
      • Default role for new guest reviewers: Select a default proof role for guest reviewers. Options are the same as those in Default proof role.
    • In the Default email alert settings section:
      • Default email alert: Select how frequently the user receives email updates. Select All Activity, Replies to my comments, Decisions, Final decision, Hourly summary, Daily summary, or Disabled.
        For more information on default email alert options, see "Configuring Email Notification Settings in Workfront Proof."
      • Default email alert for new guest reviewers: Select how frequently guest reviewers receive email updates. Options are the same as those for Default email alert.
      • Send an email confirmation when proofs are ready: Select to automatically send the user a confirmation email when proofs are ready.
      • Format of emails sent to this user: Select HTML or Plain text as the default format for emails sent to the user.
    • In the Custom message settings section: Create settings for proof templates.
      For more information on templates, see "Workflow Templates."
      • Proof subject template: Create a template for a proof subject.
      • Proof message template: Create a template for a proof message and its format.
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