Workfront 2018.2 April Preview Release Webinar

Webinar Recording

The Workfront 2018.2 April Preview Release Webinar was presented on April 11, 2018. This webinar focused on the new functionality that has been made available in Preview during the month of March and early April.


Webinar Q&A

Project List 

Will the project list performance improvement extend to reports or task lists?

Yes, we’re planning to extend this improvement to reports and task lists in 18.3.

Can you resize columns on the new project lists?

Not at this time, but this will be added before the 18.2 Production release.

Updates Tab

I cannot see the new Updates tab on all objects in Workfront. Will the new tab be available on all objects in the future?

Yes, the new Updates tab will be available in all areas in upcoming releases.

Gantt Chart

When you change the dates, does the task constraint change from As Soon as Possible to Must Start On?

No, it changes to Start No Earlier Than.


How long will we be able to use the original My Work?

The plan is to make Home the default in 18.3 and remove My Work in 19.1.

When will the Home enhancement of Ready to Start vs. All Tasks be ready for use?

It's coming in 18.2 beta 4.

Will the Work On It button update the status?


Will the Home tab be available to those that have a Review license?

No, they will have Updates as they do now.

In the Home area, can we change the label Work On it to Claim It?

Not at this point.

If you edit any date fields in Home, does it immediately recalculate the project timeline?


Will you be able to edit the Planned Completion Date from the Home area if you have edit rights to the project?

Yes, users who have edit rights to the project will be able to edit the Planned Completion Date.

Will approvals be added to Home as they are now in My Work?

We are continuing to work on Home and improving the experience. The approvals experience is an ongoing project for us in Home. We will add more functionality for approvals in 18.3 and in 19.1.

Where do you find team assignments in the Home area?

Team assignments will be added to Home in 18.3.

Are there going to be any updates to the way the Home page looks?

We are continually iterating on Home, including the UI.

In Home, if there are required predecessors and a user selects Work On It, will the error be more prominent to let the user know the task can't be started?

We are making some updates to the left panel that should resolve this issue. The changes will be coming out in 18.2.

Is there going to be a way to recalculate the project timeline from Home?

No, you will not be able to recalculate the project timeline.

In the Home area, there isn’t the ability to sort by two criteria as there was before. Will this function be restored?

Yes. The multi-select filter functionality will be available in 18.2.

Are there plans to put Commit Date changes in the new Home area?

Yes, we have some changes coming in 18.1 to allow users to sort by Planned Completion or Commit Dates.

Resource Planner

Will budgeted hours be included in the user view?

No. This is not something we’re considering at this time.

Is there a daily view in the Resource Planner?

No, not at this time.

If you include issues in the Resource Planner, can you filter completed issues so they are not factored into the PLN (as in “Planned”)  hours?


Utilization Report

Can I set up a report by team to show users’ budgeted hours to view under and over allocations?

Not at this time, but we’re planning this in the future.

Portfolio Optimizer

Can you use custom fields for cost in the portfolio optimizer?

Yes, you can add custom fields.


Will Reviewers have the ability to print the summary?

Yes, reviewers can use the Print Summary option.

Can non-proofing users view the proof?

Yes, if they are invited as a reviewer. However, they cannot access proof details or edit the workflows.

Can non-proofing users see who is attached to the workflow?

Yes, non-proofing users can see the workflow stages on the right panel.

Logging Time

Can you select both Hours and Days?

No, you can only choose one.

Is there a way to limit users from entering hours/days above a certain value? For example, users cannot log more than 8 hours per day?

No, not at this time.

Can group administrators edit the “Log Time In” and “Equivalent Hours for Full Workday” fields?

Group administrators or any Plan user with access to edit users can modify these fields.


Are there plans to accept Commit Date changes within the app?

Yes, we want to have it as an additional field in our current redesign.

This article last updated on 2018-04-12 22:34:43 UTC