Adding Groups to a Proof

Add a group to a proof to automatically send the content to all group members. 

For information about how to create a group, see "Creating Groups."

  1. Start creating a proof using one of the following methods:
  2. In the Workflow section, begin typing the group name in the Type contact name or email address to add a recipient field.
  3. Select the group name.
    Members of the group now display. 
  4. (Optional) Change an individual member's Proof role or Email alerts with the drop-down menus. 
    For more information, see "Understanding Proof Roles" and "Configuring Email Notification Settings in Workfront Proof."
  5. (Optional) Delete a group member from the proof by hovering over the user's information and clicking the X. 
    Delete all members from the proof by clicking Delete all.
  6. Continue creating the proof as described in "Creating Proofs," "Creating Proof Versions," or "Copying proofs." 
This article last updated on 2019-03-14 22:32:39 UTC