Maintenance Update on April 25, 2018

The following customer-reported issues were fixed on April 25, 2018:

Ref # Name Application Area
19847656 Assignment Report - Grouping by Project Name yields UI inconsitency WF: Report Builder
20479713 Unable to remove users from Subscribe feature in IE 11 WF: Subscribe
20456346 Adding a Hyperlink to an update, navigate from the update page, return, the hyperlink is no longer linked. WF: Update Stream
20471161 Alt (option)+Delete (backspace) Doesn't Delete the Last Word Entered in the Updates WF: Update Feeds/Audit/Journal Entries
20484245 Cancelling an update causes the Update button to collapse and the Cancel link to disappear. WF: Update Stream
20456233 Comment cursor Problems when cancelling hyperlink creation WF: Update Stream
20452765 Custom In Progress Status Changes to the Default In Progress Once the Percent Complete is Updated WF: Update Stream
20478503 Writing @ without selecting a person disables enter and up/down arrow keys WF: Update Feeds/Audit/Journal Entries
20470596 People Scheduling Not Loading Properly WF: Resource Scheduling
20469075 Project Filtering Views in Scheduling tool showing tasks for additional projects WF: Resource Scheduling
20482879 Utilization chart doesn't draw correctly when changing months via chart screen WF: Utilization Report
This article last updated on 2018-04-26 20:27:01 UTC