Accessing Your Profile Information and Configuring Your Mobile App


The information on this page refers to functionality not yet generally available. It is available only in the beta version of the Workfront Mobile app.
For more information about accessing the beta versions of our mobile app, see "Accessing Beta Environments for the Workfront Mobile App."

You can view your personal information and access additional settings for your Workfront mobile app from the profile page. You can submit feedback to Workfront or log out of the app on the same page. 

Accessing Your Profile Information and Managing Your App

  1. From the Workfront mobile app, tap the More icon, and then your name.
    Tap Account on the bottom navigation bar, if the icon displays there.
  2. Tap your name.
    This displays your profile page.
  3. In the INFO section of the page, you can view the following information:
    • Your email address
    • The country of your address
    • The name of your manager
    • The name of your Teams

    You cannot edit this information on the mobile app. If you need to make any changes to this information, log into Workfront from a web browser and make the changes from within Workfront. For more about changing your profile information, see "Editing User Accounts."
  4. (Optional) In the CONFIGURATION section, tap Settings.
    You can enable or disable the areas that appear in the bottom navigation bar of your app.
    For more information about configuring the areas of your mobile app, see "Configuring Your Mobile App."
  5. (Optional) Tap Submit Feedback to submit feedback to our Product team. 
  6. (Conditional) Tap the following options:
    • START SURVEY to take a brief survey about the Workfront mobile app and submit it to our Product team.
    • REPORT A PROBLEM to send an email to our Development team about a problem you see with the app. 
  7. (Optional) Tap Help to access our Help Site and documentation materials for the mobile app. 
  8. (Optional) Tap Log Out to log out of the app. 

Configuring Your Mobile App

  1. From the Workfront mobile app, tap the More icon, and then your name.
    Tap Account icon on the bottom navigation bar, if it displays there.
  2. Tap your name to access the profile page.
  3. Scroll down to the CONFIGURATION section, and tap Settings.
  4. Slide the toggle for Home (NEW) or for My Work, to enable one or the other.
  5. In the Show After Log In drop-down menu, select the area which you would like to set as the default area for your mobile app.
    This is where the mobile app opens when you launch it. 
  6. Slide the toggles on the following options to disable or enable them in the bottom navigation bar.
    NOTE You cannot disable the option that is set as your default area. 
    Select from the following:
    • My Work or Home, if enabled
      You can display either the Home area or the Work area in the app. You cannot have them both available at the same time. 
    • Projects
    • Approvals
    • Requests
    • Timesheets
    • Contacts
    • Push Notifications
  7. Tap the check mark icon at the top of the app to save your settings.
    The areas you disabled are removed from the bottom navigation bar and from the More menu. 


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