Accessing the Beta Environment for the Workfront Mobile App


You can sign up to be a beta tester for the Workfront mobile app as you download it from the store of your mobile device. 

The beta version of the mobile app includes the latest features that we are currently working on and which we will eventually deliver to the generally available app. 

For more information about what mobile devices and operating systems we support for the Workfront mobile app, see the "Supported Mobile Devices and Operating Systems" section on "Getting Started with the Mobile App."

Supported Mobile Devices and Apps for the Beta Environment

The beta version of the Workfront mobile app is available for Android phones at this time.
It is not available for iOS Phones.

You do not need special permissions to download the beta version of the mobile app. If you have a Workfront account, you can install the Workfront mobile apps on your mobile devices and access Workfront from them. This includes installing and using the beta version of the mobile app. 

The following Workfront apps do not have beta versions:

  • The Workfront View mobile app, which is only supported on iPads.
  • The Workfront Proof mobile app.  

Signing up for the Workfront Beta App on Android Phones

Signing up for the Workfront Beta App for Android in the Google Play Store

Whether you currently have the Workfront mobile app on your Android phone or not, do the following to sign up for the beta version: 

  1. Access the Play Store app on your Android device.
  2. Search for Workfront, then tap it when it appears in the list.
  3. Scroll towards the middle of the page, then tap I'M IN in the  Become a beta tester section. 
  4. Tap JOIN to confirm that you want to be a beta tester. 
    It takes a few minutes to be acknowledged as a beta user. You should receive a confirmation on the screen that the process of signing you up is in progress.
    After the progress completes, you receive a confirmation that you are now a beta user.
    The word "Beta" appears after the name of your app in the Play Store, indicating that you are using the beta version of the app.
    You can now start using your Workfront mobile app. 

Signing up for the Workfront Beta App for Android from a Link

  1. From a web or mobile browser, go to the following link:
  2. Click Become a Tester.
  3. (Conditional) If you are not logged in to your google account, enter your google credentials that are associated with the google account on your Android phone.
    You are automatically enrolled to be a tester for the Workfront beta app for Android. Any new releases for this version of the mobile app are delivered to your Android phone.
  4. (Optional) Click Leave the Program then follow the steps to uninstall the beta app and reinstall the public Workfront mobile app for Android. 

Signing up for the Workfront Beta App on iOS Phones

A beta version for the Workfront mobile app is not currently available for iOS phones. 

This article last updated on 2018-08-27 21:02:09 UTC