Workfront 2018.2 May Preview Release Webinar

Webinar Recording

The Workfront 2018.2 May Preview Release Webinar was presented on May 22, 2018. This webinar focused on the new functionality that has been made available in Preview during the month of May and late April.


Webinar Q&A


Where can I see a feature comparison between Home and My Work?

See “Understanding Differences between My Work and Home.”

On the Home Work List, where can I find Team assignments?

We haven't added team assignments. We're working to include them in 18.3.

When do users have to move over to Home?

We're planning to make Home the default in 18.3 and remove My Work completely in 19.1.

Will "My Priority" come back to Sort options?

Yes, "My Priority" is coming in 18.3.

Can I see approvals I've submitted in Home?

Not at this time.

Can you attach documents to tasks in the right panel of Home as a user closes their work?

Not at this time, but we're planning this for a future release.

Will Workfront offer a training or webinar for Home that I can refer users to?

Yes, we're planning on creating a webinar. Keep an eye on the Workfront Announcement Center for more information.

Can I add custom fields to the left panel of Home?

Not at this time, but we're planning this for a future release.

As a system administrator, how can I enable Workfront Home?

You can enable this in the Layout Template. See “Customizing User Visibility to the Home Area” for more information.



Is there a system notification associated with changing a flag to Ready to Pull or Blocked?


Are the Kanban Flags reportable?



Google Team Drive

Will this work with Microsoft Teams?

It's a separate integration that will be available later this year. You can let your CSM know if you would like to get a demo or be part of a Beta testing team.

Can each user connect to their Google Drive (My Drive)?

Yes, they can see their Google Drive files and Team Drive files as soon as they connect with their Google credentials.

On documents, is there a plan to allow links to SharePoint documents or network file share documents using a similar method?

We have an existing SharePoint integration that you can enable. Work with your CSM if you need any help with that. More information at



Where do I download the new Desktop Proofing Viewer?

The link to download the Desktop Proofing Viewer for both Windows and Mac is available in the “Downloading the Desktop Proofing Viewer” section in the article “Installing and Updating the Desktop Proofing Viewer.”

Is the new Desktop Proofing Viewer only for integrated proofs?

For the 18.2 release, the Desktop Proofing Viewer is only for integrated proofs. In the 18.3 release, the Desktop Proofing Viewer will support interactive, static, and video content.

Is the Desktop Proof Viewer live or in beta?

You can test it with your Preview environment today. This is not available in Production.

For standalone proofing, would the system-generated emails open up the desktop viewer?

If you create the email as an interactive proof, then yes. If it is a static web capture, it will be available in the web version.

Can HTTPS be proofed with the Desktop Proofing Viewer?

Yes. The Desktop Proofing Viewer allows you to review and approve both HTTP and HTTPS websites.

Will there be connectivity between approval requests and the desktop viewer, or will it always have to be accessed from the proof within Workfront?

The desktop viewer will support approvals. This is coming in Beta 5.

Is the Desktop Proofing Viewer for standalone proofing (proofing within Workfront Proof) or integrated proofing (proofing within Workfront)?

It is available for both.

Will we still see all proofs, whether in system or desktop, when we view the dashboard?


Do all comments and approvals sync with the existing viewer?


What will be done for users who can't download the Desktop Proofing Viewer due to company download restrictions?

Static and video proofs will continue to be supported with the proofing viewer in the browser. Interactive proofs will be supported only in the Desktop Proofing Viewer. Users who belong to organizations that restrict downloading software will need to work with their IT department to ensure they are able to download the new Desktop Proofing Viewer.

The link to download the Desktop Proofing Viewer is available in the “Downloading the Desktop Proofing Viewer” section in the article “Installing and Updating the Desktop Proofing Viewer.”

Would “Enable but not default” be the best setting to cover all types of proofs?

With the 18.2 release, only interactive proofs are supported with the Desktop Proofing Viewer.

For more information about how system administrators can configure this for users, see the section “Desktop Proofing Viewer” in “General Proof Settings.”

Will sharing and workflow proof approvals be available with the new Desktop Proofing Viewer?

Sharing will be available in 18.2 Beta 5 on Preview. Workflow management will be available in 18.3.

Does the Desktop Proofing Viewer check for accessibility?

The Desktop Proofing Viewer has the same accessibility functionality as the web-based proofing viewer.


License Mangement

Why are all groups not added automatically?

We recommend setting up Home Groups so they represent large organizational units. This limit is imposed for

Can I manage licenses by Company rather than Home Group?

No, you can only manage licenses by Home Group.

Can I manage flex licenses on the new page?

Not at this time, but this is something we're considering in the future.

Can I view who falls into the "Other Group" category?

No, you cannot do this on the Licenses page. However, you can run a user report to view this information. See “Viewing Licenses in Your System” for more information.



What versions of Android are supported for the mobile app and beta?

Both the beta and the app are support for Android 5.0 and above.

Will the changes in the Android beta be available for iPhone after the 18.2 release?

Yes. The changes you see in Android Beta will be available on both the Android general app as well as iPhone after the 18.2 release to Production.



Is there an API that allows pulling tasks from the Calendar?

Not at this time.

Does changing the day in the Home Calendar view change the Planned Completion Date of the task?

No. Changes made to items in the Calendar view do not affect the actual dates on the work items.

Can the Calendar view be integrated with my Google calendar?

Not yet, but we plan to add that functionality later.

Are allocated hours based on FTE or the user’s schedule?

The allocation hours are based on what you have dragged on to your calendar in relation to the total hours you've selected in Calendar Settings (hours per day * days per week).

If a task duration is set for 2 hours, will that be reflected when I drag the item to the calendar?

No, not at this time. All items will be set to 30 minutes when dropped. Then the user can resize. This is to accommodate people working on tasks for blocks that are smaller than planned hours.

Will items in the Workfront Home Calendar sync back into the Outlook calendar? Are there plans for two-way sync?

Currently it only syncs one way, from Outlook to Workfront. The two-way sync is on the roadmap for the next release.

Will this calendar view be available in the regular calendar builder (reporting) area?

This calendar view will only be part of Workfront Home, but there are future plans to address the reporting calendars.

Will managers be able to see their resource calendars?

This view is only for individuals. We are planning a team view that will give managers a view of their teams.

Will PTO in Outlook calendars get synced with the overall allocation in Workfront?

As long as it shows as a calendared item in Outlook. Your Workfront personal Time Off can also display in the Home Calendar area.

Will the calendar sync back to Google?

Not currently. We are planning to make an integration with Google available in a future release.

When will the Home Calendar view become available?

Prior to Beta 5. You can get updates on when it will be available at on the 2018.2 Beta 4 Release Page.

Will it allow you to drag and drop all tasks, or just ones that are ready to start?

All tasks.

Does Resource Contouring appear in the Home Calendar view?

No, it does not.

Do I need to be on Office 365?

Office 365 or Outlook Live.

Is the Outlook integration included or additional fee?

It is included.

Will I be able to connect to On-Premise Exchange implementations via webmail for this functionality?

This is not currently supported. This is planned for a future version of the calendar.

Is this also supported for SAML users?

Yes. Once a user has authenticated their Outlook account (Office 365 or Outlook Live) with Workfront Home, they will be able to use the integration.

Is the allocation bar available without syncing to Outlook?

Yes. The allocation bar always displays events on the calendar even if you're not integrated.

If I use the desktop version of Outlook, will I have the ability to dual-sync my Outlook events?

If the desktop version is syncing with Office 365 or Outlook Live in the cloud, you will have two-way syncing. If it is syncing to either an on-premise or cloud-based enterprise Exchange server, it will not sync both ways.

Are there plans to integrate with Microsoft OneDrive for file linking and sharing?

Yes, it is planned for the 18.3 release.

Can I add other personal tasks to the calendar or only the project tasks?

Personal tasks added in Workfront Home can be added to the Calendar view.

This article last updated on 2018-05-24 19:02:14 UTC