Maintenance Update on May 9, 2018

The following customer-reported issues were fixed on May 9, 2018:

Ref # Name Application Area
20476135 "Custom Expression Invalid" Error Message when Adding "Primary Contact ID" as a Calculated Field on an Issue Custom Form WF: Custom Form Builder
20597881 "status cannot be null" error when making an update WF: Update Stream
20611667 'Database error: BizContext.commit failed!' upon project deletion WF: Project Management
20570390 Adding users to comment not working in IE WF: Update Stream
20503034 Agile (Kanban) individual assignments are not reflected on the Kanban Board for items on the backlog WF: Agile
20600950 Agile Scrum - adding issues to iteration not adding to total points unless Estimates column is on view WF: Agile
20513284 Custom Field not displaying audit changes WF: Update Stream
20559798 Conditional formatting rules not working on some lines with export to Excel. WF: Report Results
20490965 Editing Home layout template settings -- lost default settings and can't get them back WF: Layout Templates, WF: Workfront Home
20579249 Grammar Mistake in the Warning Message for Scores in "New Portfolio Optimizer" WF: Portfolio Optimizer
20495586 New Home: Layout Template - Changes won't Save WF: Workfront Home, WF: Layout Templates
20495550 New Home: Layout Template - Hot Spot for Additional Options is Too Large WF: Workfront Home, WF: Layout Templates
20451841 No More Than 40 Favorites Error Message Does NOT Display when adding Team WF: Team Management
20552951 Reports not rendering - Whoops Errors WF: Report Results
20585796 Unable to close the project because of approval processes WF: Approvals
20591516 Users Unable to Add Issues to Tasks With "+ New Issue" Button WF: Task Management
18651922 When adding a graph, I am losing the totals on grouping rows for a custom field WF: Report Results
20582952 When tagging users in the notify/include others box, letters are skipped if typing too fast WF: Update Stream
This article last updated on 2018-05-10 14:09:05 UTC