Understanding Dashboards

The purpose of a dashboard is to provide quick access to information. You can gather information in reports and you can then place them on dashboards to make the information easier to access. 

Understanding What Objects Can Be Added to a Dashboard

You can populate a dashboard with the following items in Workfront:

For more information about creating a dashboard, see "Creating Dashboards."

Sharing Dashboards

You can share a dashboard with users in the following ways:

When you share a dashboard with users, all the reports, calendars, and external pages that are on the dashboard are also shared with the same users, by default. 

Displaying Dashboards

You can display a dashboard in the following ways:

  • Access the tab that it is placed on and the dashboard placed on the tab displays.
    For more information about placing dashboards on custom tabs or layout templates, see "Sharing Dashboards."
  • Display a dashboard after searching and manually accessing it.
    To search, find, and manually access a dashboard:
    1. Go to the Reporting area in the Global Navigation Bar.
    2. Select the Dashboards tab.
    3. Select any of the following:
      • My Dashboards: dashboards you have built are listed here.
      • Shared Dashboards: dashboards that are created by other users and shared with you are listed here.
      • All Dashboards: both your and other users' dashboards that are shared with you are listed here. 
    4. Click the name of a dashboard to display it. 
      The dashboard displays the information included in the reports, calendars, or external pages that populate it. 
    5. (Optional and conditional) The information on the dashboard is synchronized in real time when you first access it. If you have displayed the dashboard for a while in your browser, the information inside the reports on the dashboard could become outdated. Click the Reload icon in the upper right of the dashboard to refresh the information on the dashboard. The date and time when the dashboard was last refreshed is listed to the left of this icon. 
      This refreshes the information in all the reports on the dashboard. 
This article last updated on 2019-04-10 16:15:23 UTC