Frequently Asked Questions about Kick-Starts

The following are frequently asked questions about Kick-Starts:

Why am I receiving this error when trying to import a Kick-Start file: "Your file was correct, but nothing was imported?"


One of the following three things might be missing from the Kick-Start file:

  1. The isNew column must be set to TRUE for all the items you want to import. isNew must be TRUE because you can only import new data with a Kick-Start. You cannot Modify existing data via Kick-Start. You can have other rows in the spreadsheet with isNew = FALSE but, these rows will not import.
  2. ​The file needs to have one empty row before the headers of your data start.
  3. ​The Excel sheet(s) need(s) to have the correct name(s).

When working with Kick-Starts, we recommend to first download the Kick-start Template, manually populate it with the correct data and then import it back into Workfront.

For more information about correctly importing data in Workfront using Kick-Starts, see "Importing Data into Workfront Via Kick-Starts."

Why am I receiving this error when trying to import hours into Workfront using a Kick-Start file: "User with primary key value(s) "null" not found?"


The error refers to the GUID of the user that is associated with the hours. 

To address this:

  1. Export a blank Kick-Start template for the Hours object only.
    For more information about exporting a blank Kick-Start File, see "Exporting the Kick-Start Template" in "Importing Data into Workfront Via Kick-Starts."
  2. Manually copy the data from the original Kick-Start and paste it into the empty file.
    Do this for each column.
  3. Try importing the new file again. 
    The Kick-Start should import successfully.
This article last updated on 2018-05-16 15:05:43 UTC