Understanding the Home Calendar View

The Calendar view in the Home area allows you to view and manage your work week and work assignments on a personal work calendar visible only to you. You can use it to schedule when you want to do your work. And you can integrate it with outside calendars such as a Microsoft Outlook calendar.  

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  • This is different from Calendar reports. For more information, see "Creating and Managing Calendar Reports."
  • Due to a temporary problem, your Workfront Calendar data might not display as described in this article. This problem will be fixed in the near future. 

If you need instructions on accessing your Home Calendar, see "Viewing the Workfront Home Calendar."

For information integrating your Home Calendar with an outside calendar, see "Configuring Your Home Calendar View."

The remaining sections in this article explain sections and functions of the Home Calendar View in more detail.

Work List

Work items (Tasks, Issues, Requests, and Approvals) assigned to you, your groups, your teams, and your roles display in the Work List on the left of the Calendar. CalView.png

You can drag your work items from the Work List to your Home Calendar to schedule when you want to work on them. To learn more about scheduling your work, see "Using the Home Calendar View."

[The rest of this section, about expanding an item, is in the draft version until it's working. Right now, only the bottom item expands to show this info. Workex is working on this.]

Allocation Bar

When you set up your Home Calendar, you specify the number of hours you typically work in a week (see "Configuring Your Home Calendar View"). Workfront uses this number to determine your total allocable work hours. 

The Allocation bar is a visual representation of the number of hours in your work week and how you are using them.


The colors in the Allocation bar indicate the following information:

Due Bar

The Due bar on your Home Calendar displays a summary your work that is due for the week currently displayed.


NOTE If you have integrated your Microsoft calendar with your Workfront calendar, items in the Due bar do not appear on your Microsoft calendar unless you have dragged them from the Work List to your Workfront Calendar. For more information, see the section "Work List" above and the article "Configuring Your Home Calendar View."

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