Understanding Workfront for Salesforce

A Pro Workfront Plan is required to use this feature. For more information about the various plans available, see "Workfront Plans."

You can install Workfront for Salesforce to allow your Salesforce users to submit Workfront requests and automatically create projects without ever leaving Salesforce. 

As a system administrator, you can download and configure Workfront for Salesforce. Then, you can share it will all other Salesforce users. 

For more information about installing Workfront for Salesforce, see "Installing Workfront for Salesforce."
For more information about configuring the Workfront section in Salesforce for all users, see "Configuring the Workfront Section for Salesforce Users."

Currently, you can do the following when using Workfront for Salesforce:

  • Manually create new Workfront requests from Salesforce within an Opportunity or an Account.
    For more information about creating Workfront requests from Salesforce, see "Submitting Workfront Requests from Salesforce Objects."
  • Automatically trigger the creation of projects in Workfront when certain criteria are met in Salesforce. Your Salesforce system administrator must configure triggers for creating projects from Salesforce.
    For more information about creating Workfront projects from Salesforce, see "Creating Workfront Projects from Salesforce Objects."

Consider the following when working with Workfront for Salesforce:

  • We support both the Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience frameworks. 
  • Items can be created only from Salesforce in to Workfront.
  • You can view some information about the Workfront items in Salesforce.
    This information cannot be customized. 
    For a list of Workfront fields that you can view from Salesforce, see the "Viewing Workfront Requests" section in "Submitting Workfront Requests from Salesforce Objects" 
    and the "Viewing Workfront Projects" section in "Creating Workfront Projects from Salesforce."
  • You can directly navigate to the Salesforce items from Workfront.
    You cannot view any information about the Salesforce items in Workfront, but you have a link to the Salesforce item from Workfront to review it in Salesforce. 
  • Updating fields on one item in one application does not update any information on linked items in the other application.
This article last updated on 2018-10-22 19:25:40 UTC