Understanding the Desktop Proofing Viewer

The Desktop Proofing Viewer is designed for proofing interactive content, but you can also use it to proof static and video content.

Unlike the Web Proofing Viewer, the Desktop Proofing Viewer is an application that runs on your workstation. However, you launch it from Workfront or from Workfront Proof when you open proofs, rather than running it as a standalone application (for more information, see Installing the Desktop Proofing Viewer for Your Organization).

NOTE Proof management tasks such as creating and browsing through proofs occur in Workfront. The Desktop Proofing Viewer is only for reviewing proofs.

Comparing the Desktop Proofing Viewer to Other Proofing Viewers

Desktop Proofing Viewer vs. Web Proofing Viewer

The following differences distinguish the Desktop Proofing Viewer from the Web Proofing Viewer:

  • The Desktop Proofing Viewer runs on your local computer as an application, whereas the Web Proofing Viewer runs in your browser.
  • The Desktop Proofing Viewer is designed for proofing interactive content such as a website, a streaming video, or an interactive banner; the Web Proofing Viewer is designed for proofing static and video proofs.
    NOTE: If your organization cannot use the Desktop Proofing Viewer app for security reasons, your Workfront administrator can configure your system so that you can review interactive content, bundled in a ZIP archive file, in the Web Proofing Viewer. For more information, see "Reviewing and Managing Interactive Proofs." 

For more information, see "Understanding Differences Between the Web Proofing Viewer and the Desktop Proofing Viewer."

Desktop Proofing Viewer vs. Legacy Proofing Viewer

You might not have access to the Legacy Proofing Viewer because it is supported by Flash, which has been deprecated in most environments.

The Desktop Proofing Viewer includes the following enhancements over the Legacy Proofing Viewer:

  • Review unsecured (HTTP) sites, not just secure (HTTPS) sites.
  • Review iFrame-protected sites (sites that cannot be viewed within an iFrame).
  • View content with preconfigured resolutions for various devices.
    For example, you can see how content displays on various standard desktop resolutions, or on individual devices such as an iPhone 8.

The Legacy Proofing Viewer will be removed from Workfront with the 2018.3 release at the end of the 2018 calendar year (see "Legacy Proofing Viewer to Be Removed in 2018.3"). The Legacy Proofing Viewer is not included for customers acquiring Workfront after the 2018.2 release in July 2018.

User Setting for Opening Non-Interactive Proofs in the Desktop Proofing Viewer

Though the main purpose of the Desktop Proofing Viewer is proofing interactive content, you can also use it to proof static and video proofs.

Users can configure the Desktop Proofing Viewer to launch automatically when they open proofs of all kinds, including static and video proofs. For more information, see "Configuring Web Proofing Viewer Configuration Settings."

Entering a Proof URL

If you launch the Desktop Proofing Viewer directly from your workstation, you can open a proof by specifying the proof URL. To do this, you must have proof URL of the proof you want to view. For information about obtaining a proof URL, see Sharing the Public URL.

We recommend that you open proofs directly from Workfront, as described in "Opening a Proof."

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