Error Message: SAML 2.0 Error: User Identifier Not Found


You are unable to establish a successful connection to ADFS.


NOTE If you establish a successful test connection and you are still experiencing issues, you might have incorrect attribute mappings or issues with the federation IDs. Contact customer support with questions.

Cause: Claims on the ADFS server are incorrect
On the ADFS server, make sure there is a claim for name ID:
  1. In Windows, click Start > Administration > ADFS 2.0 Management.
    The ADFS 2.0 Management dialog box is displayed.
  2. Select Trust Relationship > Relying Party Trusts in the left-hand pane.
  3. Right-click on the relying party trust related to Workfront, and select Edit Claim Rules.
  4. Verify the claim has an Outgoing Claim Type of Name ID.
This article last updated on 2018-06-12 21:48:13 UTC