Moving a Program

You can add existing programs to a portfolio. Because programs cannot exist in two different portfolios, adding an existing program permanently moves it from one portfolio to another. 

To add an existing program:

  1. Go to a Projects in the Global Navigation Bar.
  2. Click Portfolios, and select a portfolio.
  3. Select the Programs tab.
  4. Click Add Program.
  5. Click Existing Program.
    IMPORTANT Adding an existing program carries all projects associated with that program to the portfolio. Be careful not to unintentionally move projects this way.Screen_Shot_2018-06-18_at_8.31.52_AM.png
  6. In the Add Programs dialog box, type and select the name of a program.
  7. (Optional) To add additional programs, type and select the name of a program.
  8. Click Add Programs.
    The program appears in the Programs tab on the portfolio you selected.
This article last updated on 2018-06-25 22:32:43 UTC