Pick your training path with the Training Profile

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Pick your training path with the Training Profile

You’re logged into Workfront Ascent. You’ve explored the Learning Library and browsed the dozens of courses available, but you just don’t know where to start. Which course should you take first? Which of these courses applies to your job as a project manager, system administrator, etc.?

To get you on the right learning path, Workfront recommends you set up a Training Profile in Workfront Ascent. Four quick questions help Ascent determine which of the training programs (collections of courses) you should follow.

Set up your Training Profile

  1. Log into Ascent using your Workfront username/password.

  2. Navigate to the My Learning page.

  3. Click Tools in the top navigation bar.



  1. Select Training Profile.



  1. Answer the four questions:

    • Job role in Workfront

      • Will you work primarily as a Project Manager, Resource Manager, or System Administrator in Workfront? Select the appropriate option.

    • Do you use Review & Approval?

      • Review & Approval refers to the Proofing tool in Workfront.

      • Answer Yes if your organization will be using Proofing.

    • Do you want to enroll in our recommended training program?

      • Answer Yes to be enrolled in the courses Workfront recommends based on your job role.

      • If you answer No, then you will select your own courses from the Learning Library.

    • Are you taking training for implementation?

      • Answer Yes if you’re a member of a Core Team who needs to take training to prepare for consulting engagements.



  1. Click Submit at the bottom.



Note: The save happens so quickly that you may not notice it’s done. As long as you’ve clicked the Save button, the profile has saved.


Enrolled and ready to learn

Now navigate back to the My Learning area. You’re now enrolled in a learning program appropriate to your job role. The program contains the recommended courses for the work you’ll perform in Workfront — creating projects, managing system setups, uploading proofs, etc.




For more information about the courses included in each program, refer to the Workfront curriculum guide.

Remember … you’re not limited to the courses that are part of the program. The Workfront Training team encourages you to explore the Learning Library and take additional courses that apply to your job or are of interest to you.


Prefer to pick your own path?

If you’d rather pick your own courses in Workfront Ascent from the Learning Library, just answer No to the Training Profile question: “Do you want to enroll in our recommended training program?” You also can use the Workfront curriculum guide to help select the courses you want to take.



If you have questions about the Training Profile or Workfront Ascent, contact us at

This article last updated on 2018-07-09 15:41:24 UTC