Understanding Stages

Proof stages are segments of time in which different users review a proof. As the proof moves from one stage to the next, Workfront notifies the reviewers to tell them when it's time to work on it.


Stages occur in two different situations:

  • When you create a proof with an automated workflow. In this case, you manually assign people to work on the proof during review stages that you define. This is the most common use for stages.
  • When you assign deadlines for different reviewers on a proof. In this case, the system assigns a stage to each deadline.

Both uses of stages are explained below.

Stages in an Automated Workflow

When you add an automated workflow to a proof, you set up the stages of review work you want to occur. For more information, see "Automated Workflow." 

When you set up stages for a proof with an automatic workflow:

  • You can configure the stages to run consecutively or simultaneously.
  • You can configure some stages to become active only after a previous stage is completed.
  • You can make some stages private. This is useful, for example, for an agency that reviews a proof before it is shared with a client and does not want the resulting comments visible to the client.

For instructions on creating stages for a proof with an automated workflow, see "Setting Up a Proof with Automated Workflow."

Stages that Correspond with Deadlines

When you assign different proofing deadlines to reviewers on a proof, the system creates a stage for each deadline and groups the reviewers for each deadline in the corresponding stage. 

For example, suppose you create a proof with four reviewers:

  • For reviewers Olivia and Tony, you specify a deadline for 14:00 a few days from now.
  • For Aaron and Amy, you specify a deadline for 17:00 a few days later.
  • You don't specify a deadline for yourself.

The system creates a stage for each of these three "groups" of reviewers:

Then, suppose you share the proof with another reviewer, Claire, not specifying a deadline. Workfront adds her to Stage 3, where there is no deadline. 

For more information about adding deadlines to a proof, see the "Configuring the Workflow for the Proof" section in "Configuring Proofs in Workfront."

This article last updated on 2018-12-21 19:02:23 UTC