2018.3 Beta 2 Release Activity

This page describes all changes most recently available in the Preview environment with the 2018.3 Beta 2 release. The functionality was made available in the Preview environment on August 1, 2018. Proofing enhancements releasing with Beta 2 were made available in the Preview environment on Wednesday, July 18. These changes were made available in the Production environment in November 2018.

For a list of all changes made in 2018.3, see "2018.3 Release Activity Overview."

The 2018.3 Beta 2 release contains enhancements both for system administrators and other users:

For Administrators

For All Users

Update the Email Address in the User Profile as a Group Administrator

You can now update email addresses for users who belong to a group you administer. 

Previously, only system administrators could update email addresses for other users. 

For more information, see "Understanding Group Administrators."

View Approvals Delegated to Me in the Home Area

You can now use the Home area to view project, task, and issue approvals that have been delegated to you.

Prior to this change, you could view delegated approvals only in the My Work area.

For more information, see "Delegating Approval Requests."

Export Data for a Given Period in the Resource Planner

A new window is now displayed when exporting the information in the Resource Planner that allows you to select a specific timeframe for your exported file.

Prior to this enhancement, you could export only the information displayed on the screen.

For more information about exporting data from the Resource Planner, see "Export Option" in the article "Understanding the Areas of the Resource Planner."

Daily Totals Now Display in Red When the User Is Overallocated

When a user is overallocated, the daily totals for the days when the user is overallocated now display in red. This option displays only when the option to Show the Totals for Daily Planned Hours is enabled in the scheduling timeline settings. Prior to this enhancement, there was a red bar indicator for the days when the user was overallocated, but the daily totals displayed without a red highlight.

For more information about user allocations, see "Managing User Allocations."

Tasks and Issues Are Hidden on the Scheduling Timeline When Minimized

When you minimize tasks and issues on your scheduling timeline, they are now hidden for users and roles if the Show Totals of Daily Planned Hours option is enabled in your settings. Tasks and issues in the Unassigned area are displayed in a compressed view.

Previously when minimizing tasks and issues, the tasks and issues would remain on the scheduling timeline for users and roles, but would display in a compressed view.

For more information about minimizing tasks and issues in the scheduling timeline, see "Minimizing Tasks and Issues on the Scheduling Timeline" in the article "Getting Started with Resource Scheduling."

Filter Comments and Replies by User in the Proofing Viewer

Now you can include replies when you filter comments made by users you specify. This is useful when you want to focus on all feedback made by an important reviewer, such as a client or project manager.

Previously, filtering by user was limited to only the comments authored (started) by the reviewers you specify.

For more information, see "Filtering the Comment List" in the article "Creating and Managing Proof Comments."

Comment on a Range of Footage in a Video Proof

You can create a comment for a range of footage in a video proof. This is useful, for example, when you need to indicate that a segment of footage needs to be re-shot or removed.

Previously, you could create a comment only for a single point on a video timeline.

For more information, see "Commenting on a Proof" in "Creating and Managing Proof Comments."

New Polyline Tool for Comment Markup in the Proofing Viewer

Now you can use polyline markup to draw segmented lines and shapes when you are adding a comment to a proof. You can create an open segmented line or a closed shape. This tool is especially useful when working with intricate images, such as technical or architectural images.

Previously, when marking up a proof to add a comment, you could draw a rectangle, a straight line, a freehand line or shape, or an arrow.

For more information, see "Commenting on a Proof" in the article "Creating and Managing Proof Comments."



Flash Removal for Report, Calendar, and Document Sharing 

We have removed Flash from the following Sharing dialog boxes in Workfront:

  • Reports
  • Calendars
  • Documents

You can still share these objects as you did previously, but now the experience no longer relies on Flash.

This article last updated on 2018-12-10 20:56:10 UTC