Maintenance Update on July 25, 2018

The following customer-reported issues were fixed on July 25, 2018:

Ref # Name Application Area
20561980 'Generating Proof' message spinning infinitely on the Document WF: Proofing
20914365 Another Put-Document-In-Workfront-After-Proof-Generates Issue Proof: Proof Processing
20899651 Bulk Editing User "Other Groups" removes existing "Other Groups" WF: User Details
20930967 Fields Un-editable from Dashboard WF: Report Builder
20823375 Multi Form Configuration Error when Editing Custom form for Objects that only have 1 Custom Form WF: Custom Form Builder
20930970 Not able to upload new version from Computer while in Document Details area of Doc WF: Documents
20910520 Public Calendar URL Doesn't Work WF: Calendar
20905787 Quotations Not Working in Project Title WF: Project Management
20924715 Removing and Replacing an Approval Path nullifies the Approval Process WF: Approvals
20937837 Resource Planning - Export Issue WF: Resource Planner
20530627 User Gets an Error When Uploading a Second Version of a Proof in Workfront Proof: Proof in Workfront App
20913449 Warning Message When Accessing Calendar via Public URL When Logged in - "Request Error: response status 400" WF: Calendar
20905785 When another user comments on a Proof, instant notification in Workfront that has a "?undefined?" appearing within the notification. WF: Email Processing & Email Templates
20550489 Working On Calendar is blank on full screen mode WF: Resource Scheduling
This article last updated on 2018-07-26 16:13:58 UTC