Workfront 2018.3 August Preview Release Webinar

Webinar Recording

The Workfront 2018.3 August Preview Release Webinar was presented on August 21, 2018. This webinar focused on the new functionality that has been made available in Preview during the month of August.


Webinar Q&A

Gantt Chart

Can I view information about subtasks in the Project List Gantt Chart?

Yes. If a task has subtasks assigned, you’ll see them when you click the Show Task List icon.


When will Home be the default in the system?

Home will be the default in the 2018.3 release, but users will still have the option to switch back and forth between Home and My Work until the 2019.1 release.

Can I still control who sees the Home area using the Layout Template?

Yes, you can. All users will see Home by default with the 2018.3 release. There is a toggle in the Layout Template to keep users on My Work and disable Home; however, we do not recommend restricting users to My Work because it will be removed in the 2019.1 release.

Do I have to have “Requests” selected in the Filter drop-down menu to see Team Requests?

The Team Requests grouping appears regardless of what is selected in the Filter drop-down menu if the team has requests assigned.

Does it matter if requests are assigned to my home team or other teams?

No. Team requests appear regardless of the team as long as you are an assigned member.

Can my manager override work items I prioritize?

No. Items added to My Priority are not prioritized for anyone else, and no one can prioritize them for you.

Resource Planner

Is there a daily view for the Resource Planner?

There is not a daily view for the Resource Planner. However, you can view daily allocations for users in the Scheduling tools.

Can the unique URL for the user view be a public link?

No. The user viewing the URL with the User View must be able to log in to Workfront and have permissions to view users in Workfront in order to view information in this URL.

What Access Level do I need to view the unique URL?

If you have the URL, you need to have permission to view users in the system. However, you need to be a Plan license user to generate a URL.

Do I need to be listed as the resource manager to view the unique URL?

No. The User View of the Resource Planner is open to anyone who has permission to view users in Workfront.

Will the actual logged hours be added to the resource view?

Yes, we have plans to add this to the User View of the Resource Planner. At this time, this information is also available in the Utilization Report at the project/ portfolio level.

Why is overallocation shown for the weekend?

Because according to their schedule, the users are scheduled to work 0 hours on weekends. If the Planned Hours assigned to the users for those days are more than 0, then the user shows as overallocated.


Can I beta test using iOS?

Not at this time, but we will have a beta for iOS at the end of 2018.3 (October - November 2018 timeframe).

Will log time in landscape be available in iOS?

Yes, this is coming in 2018.3.

What is the earliest version that the Android app supports?

You should have Android 5 or later.

When will the Home area in mobile have parity with the Home area in the Web browser?

We are currently working on the parity, but we have no definite deadline for when this will be achieved.


Can I include people in a proof comment if they were not originally added to the proof?

Not yet, but this is on our roadmap.

In the separate tab the proof opens in, is it an URL or is it a [domain].my.workfront URL?

It will open in a domain.

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