Getting Set Up - An Admin Guide to Setting up Your Implementation

We recommend completing the following tasks before your first discovery call. If you have further questions about any of these items, feel free to contact your consultant.

Add Branding to your Workfront Instance

Go to Setup > System > Branding to upload your logo and background imagery. You can add multiple images that will rotate upon refresh.


Support Article: Branding the Workfront Site


Setup Security Settings

Setup > System > Preferences page is where you can set up the password restrictions and reset frequency. Please review these options and talk to your security team in-house to determine what works best for you.


Support Article: Configuring System Security Preferences


Start Preparing for your Launch by Joining a Launch Group in Community

Also, visit > Customers > Community > Groups > Special Interest > Launch Group > select "JOIN" to join the Launch Group where you can read related blog posts, and download launch materials.


Add Core Team Users to Workfront

Confirm that all core team members that should have access to Workfront have accounts and are set up with the appropriate license types and user information.

If new users need to be added, please follow the details below. Please feel free to contact your Workfront Consultant with questions.


  1. Workfront recommends having 2 Admin Users. Everyone else on Core Team should be given an access level of Planner (not admin).

  2. When you set up the users make sure they are in the correct Company, and Group (primary group is Customer Default Group & secondary group is WF Core Implementation Team Group).
  3. Make sure each Core Team Member has the Project Manager role assigned to them (primary role).
  4. Assign appropriate schedule, timesheet profile, etc. and proofing license if applicable.
  5. Add title and contact information, phone and email address (at a minimum), for each core team member.


Support Article: Creating Users

  • This article provides more information on adding core team members one at a time.

Support Article: Importing New Users

  • This article will show you how to leverage an excel spreadsheet to upload multiple users at once.


Begin Conversations around SSO

If you need to set up SSO at your organization, you'll want to engage your IT team early on. Provide them with the documentation here.

If further support is needed, you can submit a support ticket in Zendesk on behalf of IT. To do this: log into Zendesk > Create a new ticket > Select the "SSO implementation" form. For more information read this article on how to contact support.

Note: If you have SSO in place or would like to be able to manage your users in Workfront Ascent, additional setup may be required. View this article for more information.


Support Article: Understanding Single Sign-On in Workfront

Support Article: Workfront Ascent Considerations for Launch

Support Article: Contacting Customer Support

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