Preparing Discovery Documentation for your Consultant

Sharing documents of your current processes will help your consultant understand your current processes and needs. Please identify documents in the following areas and upload them to the appropriate task on the Implementation Project Plan in Workfront.

Note: If your team does not currently have formalized processes for the following areas, don't reinvent the wheel. Your Workfront Consultants will guide you through the process of developing these. If this is the case, mark the task as complete and note in an update that your team does not have anything established for these areas.

  1. Work Intake Forms and Workflow Diagrams
  2. Status Reports
  3. Reporting Requirements

Work Intake Forms and Workflow Diagrams

This documentation should show us the types of work you do, what information you request in order to begin the work, and what process/steps you currently follow in order to complete the work. Look specifically for any:

  1. Forms that you currently use to receive work

    • In addition to describing the work types/requested items, these forms typically address things like requesting department or Business Unit, target due date, and/or budget.

  2. Workflow diagrams or process documents you may have available

    • These typically represent project types which include your most frequently requested work. We recommend starting with your key 1-2 processes that are most repetitive. Then, following your initial launch, spend more time focussing on the unique or unplanned processes.

      Tip: Be on the lookout for recurring projects that can bypass (or use streamlined) request process when appropriate.


Support Article: Creating Custom Forms

Status Reports

Upload a sample project status report, indicate if this is used in weekly meetings, or distributed via email, etc. Indicate if this is used in weekly meetings, or distributed via email, etc.


We are interested in seeing reports that show project and work visibility to managers, directors, and coworkers.

Reporting Requirements

Upload samples of any reports that you think you need to be replicated inside of Workfront in order to be successful.

Additionally, consider what reports you need that you don't have today (example: management or executive reports).

Make sure that the samples or list accurately describe:

  • Type of report
  • Metrics measured
  • Intended audience or who receives them
  • Timing (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)
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