Workfront 2018.3 September Preview Release Webinar

Webinar Recording

The Workfront 2018.3 September Preview Release Webinar was presented on September 25, 2018. This webinar focused on the new functionality that has been made available in Preview during the month of September.


Webinar Q&A

Flash Removal

When will Adobe Flash be removed from Workfront?

Flash will be removed in the 18.3 release.

What will happen to the Profile > Allocation area that provides capacity by individual users?

That area will be removed. But with the Unique URL option currently available in Preview, you can create a custom tab with Resource Planner information instead.


Can I track approvals I’ve approved or rejected in the Home area?

Not at this time, but we have plans to add that functionality in future releases.

Can I manage both document and proof approvals in the Home area?

Yes, you can access both document and proof approvals in Home. For more information, see “Managing Approvals.”


Do you plan to add any export enhancements to proofing approval or document approval manifests?

Not at this time. The Print Summary page provides a lot of information about what has happened throughout the proofing process—comments, actions, workflow activity, and so on.


When will the mobile beta be available for Apple iOS?

We hope to have a mobile beta for iOS by the end of the 18.3 release or the beginning of the 19.1 release.

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