Viewing Submitted Proof Approvals

The highlighted information in this article refers to functionality not yet generally available. It is available only in the Preview Sandbox environment.

Proofing approvals display in the Home area only if your Workfront environment is integrated with a Workfront Proof Premium account. If you cannot use proofing as discussed here, contact your Workfront system administrator.

To view a proof approval you submitted:

  1. Go to Home in the Global Navigation Bar.
  2. In the Work List area, navigate to the Approvals I've Submitted grouping.
  3. Select a Proof approval.
    NOTE If you submit an approval to a guest proofing user, the approval doesn't display in Home.
  4. (Optional) Click Go to Proof in the upper-right corner of the right panel to launch the proofing viewer.
This article last updated on 2018-10-08 15:23:42 UTC