2018.3 Workfront Software Release — Training Content Updates

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2018.3 Software Release — Training Content Updates

The 2018.3 Workfront software release — going live in Workfront production environments the week of November 5 — helps transform how you engage with work in Workfront. Improved features in Workfront Home and new permissions for group administrators help knowledge workers of all levels get into the flow and stay coordinated.


Updates to training courses

To help you stay up-to-date on key release features, the Workfront Training team has updated content in on-demand and live courses. These changes will be available Monday, Nov. 12.


Workfront Home

Home is now the default hub for managing all of your work. Find everything — tasks, approvals, and more — in once place. Set aside time on your calendar to work on specific assignments. And personalize the way you view your information.

Learn about Workfront Home in these Workfront Training courses:


For a quick look at Home, download this Workfront Home Overview guide.


If you’re a long-time Workfront user and are wondering how Home compares to My Work, check out this 3-minute tutorial.


System administrators can learn how to customize Home through a layout template to ensure all knowledge workers are seeing the information they need to complete their work efficiently.


Resource Management

Organizations that track actual hours worked on assignments can find an added benefit in the Resource Planner with the 2018.3 release. With the addition of the actual hours column to the Resource Planner, you get better insight to how many hours your knowledge workers have available, how many are planned, and how many hours they’ve already logged.

Learn about the actual hours column in this course:


Group Administrators

The group administrator functionality takes the burden of managing every aspect of Workfront off the shoulders of the main system admin. Added functionality allows group admins the ability to edit personal settings for the users in their group.

Learn more about personal settings in this course:


Stay up-to-date with Workfront software releases

Keep up with the latest Workfront release information with these resources:

  • Go to for the latest information on Workfront’s upcoming software release. These pages include product demo videos and links to detailed help articles. You can even subscribe to the page to get notifications when changes are made.

  • Try out upcoming functionality in your organization’s Preview environment, before the features become part of Workfront’s general release. If you don’t know how to access your Preview environment, talk to you system administrator or refer to this help article.

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