Maintenance Update on October 31, 2018

The following customer-reported issues were fixed on October 31, 2018:

Ref # Name Application Area
21355780 "My Updates" Not showing link to update object WF: Update Stream
21314499 Apostrophes appear as random characters when used sometimes in Groupings in a report WF: Report Builder
21083283 Password reset link not working in user's profile WF: User Details
21139193 Custom Term Reverts Back to the Default When the Layout Template Name is Inline Edited WF: Setup
21092118 Error 'Unable to edit the column text mode data in the view builder' when there are only 3 columns using Sorting WF: Report Results
21369306 Error on Resource Planner with Set Projects' Planned Hours as Budgeted WF: Resource Planner
21002922 Hide Org Chart WF: User Details
20914366 Home Area - IE 11 only Extra White Space at the bottom of Screen WF: MyWork
21002915 Kanban Cards Menus Expand/Collapse > not always working WF: Agile
21085460 Layout template Home Task fields not showing when assigned to users WF: Workfront Home Work List
21098645 Matrix Report: Hours in Matrix are doubled from what is shown in the Details Tab WF: Report Results
21381062 Stop Words not Working without Quotations WF: Search
This article last updated on 2018-11-09 20:31:39 UTC