Understanding Access to Proofing Functionality

The proofing functionality available to your users depends on whether your organization has a basic proofing account (Legacy Account Development Manager or ADM) or an integrated proofing account (Workfront integrated with Workfront Proof Premium). 

For information about granting and revoking a user's access to create and view proofs in Workfront, see "Enabling and Disabling Proofing for Users."

Basic Proofing (Legacy Account Manager or ADM)

All users in Workfront can access basic proofing functionality. 

Basic proofing is comprised of the following capabilities:

Integrated Proofing

Only users whose Workfront instance is integrated with a Workfront Proof Premium account can access integrated proofing functionality. 

Integrated Proofing Capabilities

Proofing Capabilities Not Included in Integrated Proofing 

If your organization changes from the standalone version of Workfront Proof to the Workfront Pro plan, in which Workfront Proof Premium is integrated with Workfront, the following functionality is not available.

  • Access to Workfront Proof is limited to Workfront administrators. 
    NOTE In Workfront Proof, the New proof button is disabled; proofs can be created only Workfront.
    For more information, see "Generating Proofs in Workfront."
  • Ability to copy a version of a proof.
    For more information, see "Copying Proofs in Workfront Proof."
  • Ability to copy the settings of an existing proof.
    For more information, see "Copying Existing Proof Settings for a New Proof" in "Copying Proofs in Workfront Proof."
  • Ability to change the previous version of a proof.
    For more information, see "Linking Proof Versions" in "Managing Proof Versions in Workfront Proof." 
  • Ability to remove link to previous version of a proof.
    For more information, see "Unlinking Proof Versions" in "Managing Proof Versions in Workfront Proof." 
  • Ability to tag a proof.
    For more information, see "Creating and Managing Tags in Workfront Proof."
  • Ability of administrator to assign custom proof permission profiles. 
    For more information, see "Configuring Custom Profiles."
  • Ability of administrator to enable and disable proofing functionality for a single user
    NOTE This ability is no longer necessary because proofing functionality is now available for all users with a worker license or higher. Reviewers and guests can access and work on proofs, but cannot generate proofs.
    For more information, see "Manually Enabling and Disabling Proofing" in the article "Enabling and Disabling Proofing for Users."
  • Ability for Reviewers and Requesters to generate proofs.
    Only Workers, Planners, and System Administrators can generate proofs in integrated proofing.
    For information about changing a user's access level in Workfront, see "Creating or Modifying Access Levels."
  • Ability of users and guests to submit new proofs and new versions of proofs via the Dropzone.
    For more information, see "The Dropzone."
  • Connection between hub and satellite accounts.
    For more information, see "What are Satellite Accounts?"
  • Connection between the new integrated account and the Workfront Proof account. 
  • Workfront Proof reports:
    • Recently Accessed Items
    • Proofs I Manage with On Time, At Risk & Late Status
    • Proofs Awaiting My Decision with On Time, At Risk & Late Status
    • Proofs I Need to Review
    • Active Proofs
    • Archived Proofs
    • Locked Proofs
    • Go to Proof Directly from Report
    • Go to Proof Details Directly from Report
    • Share Proof Directly from Report
    • Message Proof Directly from Report
    • Copy Proof from Report
    • Download Original from Report
    • Delegate Ownership from Report
    • Share Proof Links from Report
    • Print Comments from Report
    • Export Excel From Report
    • Lock Proofs in Bulk
    • Detailed Summary Along with Workflow Progress Matrix
    • Activate Proofs in Bulk
    • Archive Proofs in Bulk
    • Unarchive Proofs in Bulk
    • Change Owner in Bulk
    • Delegate Ownership in Bulk
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