(Resolved) Issues Opening a Proof

Issue Opening a Proof From an Email

This issue has been resolved. New email links work now, but there is a good chance that the old links will not. 

Some customers are seeing an issue with opening a proof from an email notification. When clicking on the Go to proof button in the email, the link is not taking you to the proof as expected. This issue has been identified on all browsers. 

Some people have found that if they click Reply and then click the Go to proof link, it takes them to the expected proof.  

Issue Opening a Proof within Workfront

When opening a proof in the Workfront user interface, it displays unformatted text and images rather than the expected proof. The same proof also appears this way in Workfront Proof. This issue has been identified within the Google Chrome browser. 

Try opening the proof in another browser or in an incognito window. If that works, clear your cache and cookies. This should resolve the issue.

This article last updated on 2018-11-06 21:24:27 UTC