Maintenance Update on November 19, 2018

The following customer-reported issues were fixed on November 7, 2018: 

Ref # Name Application Area
21385096 Resource Planner displaying non-existent statuses and portfolios. WF: Resource Planner
21396025 Home: Access approvals are not showing correctly WF: Workfront Home Work List
21083283 Password reset link not working in user's profile WF: User Details
21433055 Can't Approve/Update Status - Resolving object error WF: Project Management, WF: Working On Calendar, WF: Workfront Home Calendar
21420889 Can't remove Outlook account in Home Area calendar in Preview WF: Workfront Home Calendar
21136414 Custom Form Display Logic Duplicated on Multiple Fields WF: Custom Form Builder
21328598 Custom Tabs Disappear from a User's Interface Once their Assigned Layout Template Name is Inline Edited WF: Setup
20945379 Dashboard Refresh and Calendars WF: Report Builder
21424196 Different Date Formats on Gantt edit mode WF: Project Management
21139586 Document displaying in multiple (duplicate) folders WF: Documents
21389795 Email notifications are not sent from Preview Sandbox environment WF: Email Processing & Email Templates
21369322 Home (Beta) - Planned Date popup issue WF: Workfront Home Work List
21140148 Home Work List sort WF: Workfront Home Work List
21386561 In an exported report the certain column is showing blank WF: Export
21130580 Kanban cards on backlog do not load after moving an item from the bottom of a long backlog to a different swimlane ("New", "In Progress", etc) WF: Agile
20945390 New Project Lists - Count/Total at Bottom not Static with Certain Views WF: Lists
21322956 PREVIEW: Quick Filter Doesn't Work if View Has sharecol=true WF: Lists
21429482 Predecessor not displaying as complete WF: Project Management
21426651 PREVIEW: Delegated My Approvals not working for Documents. WF: Workfront Home Work List
21140556 Primary Job Role field in User Details missing WF: Job Role Management
21418511 Recycle Bin - Project still not restored WF: Recycle Bin/Soft Deletes
21137521 Issue Parent Column Displaying Incorrect Data WF: Report Results
21324909 Sandbox 02 Refresh Date WF: Setup
20926749 When logging time in Preview, the logged time total does not have any label on it when using the hours time selection WF: Update Stream
21415664 Workfront search not displaying expected results on names with hyphens WF: Search
21064806 Tracking hours on tasks (new interface) does not work correctly WF: Time Tracking, Proof: Viewing Proofs (Flash/Flex Apps)
21381045 PREVIEW: description field shows image code instead of image WF: Lists
This article last updated on 2018-11-20 19:16:38 UTC