Maintenance Update on November 28, 2018

The following customer-reported issues were fixed on November 28, 2018: 

Ref # Name Application Area
21433074 Attempt to edit report causes for an unexpected error WF: Report Results
21356359 Calculated Expression keeps dropping the Curly Brackets from the expression WF: Custom Form Builder
21123702 Fields from 'Document Versions' and 'Open Proof' do not appear on Workfront Home via Layout Template WF: Layout Templates
21439184 Google Drive Folder: "You do not have sufficient access to edit this Document" WF: Document Integrations
21394456 Kanban Team name not updating in Move To window WF: Agile
21427116 My Work Scheduling Calendar display issue WF: MyWork
20619766 Public Calendar View Glitch WF: Calendar
21456145 Resolving Issue Completion Status isn't Synched with the Resolved Task with Autocomplete Mode WF: Project Management
21423109 Resource Planner Export by Job Role is working sporadically in Preview WF: Resource Planner
21425693 Resource Planner Slowness WF: Resource Planner
21413558 Scheduling: Auto button gets stuck on calculating... WF: Resource Scheduling
21359288 Staffing: Seeing Inaccessible Items in Staffing Even If They Aren't For Project WF: Resource Scheduling
21446050 Updates Stream Not Loading for Some Users WF: Update Stream
21128960 User Sync Issue When Name Changes Proof: Account Settings & Personal Settings
21349322 Utilization Views Do Not Reflect Terminology Change WF: User Utilization
21414881 Zeroed Planned Hours on Recurring Tasks When Removing a User from Project WF: Project Management
This article last updated on 2018-11-29 14:36:47 UTC