2019.1 Beta 3 Release Activity

This page describes all changes most recently available in the Preview environment with the 2019.1 Beta 3 release. The functionality is available in the Preview environment starting on December 19, 2018. It will be made available in the Production environment in early 2019.

IMPORTANT Functionality described on this page is subject to change prior to availability in the Production environment.

For a list of all changes made in 2019.1, see "2019.1 Release Activity Overview."

The 2019.1 Beta 3 release contains the following enhancements:

New Export Options in the Resource Planner 

You can now select which levels of information to export from the Resource Planner. 

In the Project view, you can export any of the following: 

  • Projects only
  • Projects and Roles 
  • Projects, Roles, and Users 

In the User View, you can export any of the following:

  • Users only 
  • Users and Projects 
  • Users, Projects, Roles, Tasks, and Issues 

Prior to this enhancement, all levels of information were exported in all the views of the Resource Planner by default. 

For information about exporting information from the Resource Planner, see "Exporting Information from the Resource Planner."

Add Tasks and Issues from a List to an Iteration

You can now use a task or issue list, a report, or a dashboard to add stories to an iteration. You can also have multiple teams assigned stories in one iteration.

Previously, you could add a story to an iteration only from the task or issues details page, and you could add stories only to iterations created by your team.

For more information, see "Creating and Managing Agile Iterations."

Change Your Email Notifications in the Proofing Viewer

Now all proofing reviewers can specify which proof notifications they want to receive for a proof. This is particularly important when collaborating with external stakeholders.

Previously, only the proof owner or traffic manager could configure a proof's email alerts for the reviewers they added to the proof. External collaborators were unable to control which email alerts they received about the proof because they did not have the required access to Workfront, nor the appropriate permission level.

These settings are separate from the email alert settings you can configure in Workfront.

For more information, see "Changing the email alerts you receive as a reviewer on a proof."

Change the Background Color in the Desktop Proofing Viewer

Now you can change the background color of the Desktop Proofing Viewer from the default near-black color to white. This makes it easier to see proofing content that has a transparent background.

For more information, see "Configuring Proofing Viewer Settings."

Clear Cached Browser Data from a Proof

When your browser's cookie and cache settings are set to block content such as pop-ups, this blocking behavior can also occur in the Desktop Proofing Viewer, making it impossible for reviewers to see and comment on the pop-up content in your proof.

Now you can clear the browser cache data that may be saved with a proof so that all content appears in the Desktop Proofing Viewer and reviewers can see and comment on it.

For more information, see "Configuring Proofing Viewer Settings."

New Mobile Search Experience 

Searching for items in the Workfront mobile app is now more user-friendly and intuitive. The new search now available only for the beta version of the Workfront mobile app for both the Android and iOS platforms. 

For information about searching in the Workfront mobile apps, see "Searching in the Workfront Mobile App." 

For information about downloading the beta versions of the Workfront mobile app, see "Accessing the Beta Environment for the Workfront Mobile App."

This article last updated on 2019-01-03 21:36:18 UTC