October - December 2018 Documentation Updates

This article describes changes that were made to the Workfront documentation between October - December 2018 based on features that are generally available (available to all Workfront customers).

Changes or additions that are based on new functionality are documented in the Release Activity pages each month.  For more information about new releases, see "Product Announcements."

Article or Section


Article Status

Effective Date

Create Complex Text-Mode Filters Using EXISTS Statements New article outlining the use of EXISTS statements in complex filters. You can use these filters to display objects too far removed from the filter object or objects that are missing.  New  Dec. 10, 2018
Understanding Common Uses of Text Mode Updated information about creating filters using EXISTS statements. 


Dec. 10, 2018
Using Workfront with Microsoft Teams New section containing articles describing the functionality of using Workfront with Microsoft Teams. New Nov. 20, 2018
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