Viewing the Workfront Object Associated with a Proof

When you review a proof that is associated with a Workfront object (usually a project, task, or issue), you can access the associated Workfront object to view updates and related documents and better understand the wider context of the work you need to do.

NOTE This functionality is not available if you are using an external collaborator license to access a proof.

  1. In an email inviting you to review a proof, click View details to open the Document details page for the proof in Workfront.
    With the proof open in the Proofing Viewer, click the Go to Document details icon in the upper-left corner.
    The Document details page opens in a new browser tab. On this page, you can:
    • Access the proof's associated Workfront object.
      For example, in this screenshot of the upper-left corner of the Document details page, the breadcrumb link Back to August 18 issue indicates that the proof is associated with the "August 18" Workfront object, which is an issue:
      You can click the breadcrumb to view the updates, documents, and other information on the issue.
      The same is true if the proof is associated with other types of objects. For example, if the object is a task, the task name displays in the breadcrumb and you can click the breadcrumb to view the information about the task.
    • Go to the Proof details page for the proof by clicking Details in the panel on the right:
      For more information about the Proof details page, see "Managing Proof Details in Workfront."
This article last updated on 2019-03-28 21:25:29 UTC