2019.1 Beta Final

This page describes all functionality included with the 2019.1 Beta Final release. The functionality was made available in the Preview environment on January 29, 2019. It will be made available in the Production environment in early 2019.

IMPORTANT Functionality described on this page is subject to change prior to availability in the Production environment.

For a list of all changes made in 2019.1, see "2019.1 Release Activity Overview."

New Options for Organizing Lists in the Workfront Mobile App 

You can now filter, sort, and order your lists in the Workfront mobile app.

This functionality is available in the following areas:

  • Task list on a Project 
  • Issue list on a Project or Task 
  • Subtasks list on a Task
  • The bottom navigation bar for these areas:
    • Home
    • Projects
    • Requests
    • Approvals
    • Timesheets

Workfront for Jira Enhancements

The Workfront for Jira integration now contains the following enhancements: 

  • An indication of when the integration automatically creates a user in Jira. 
  • Option to disable the automatic Workfront user creation in the add-on settings. 
  • Option to disable the synchronization of comments between Jira and Workfront in the add-on settings. 
  • Support for a static IP address

For information about configuring Workfront for Jira, see "Configuring Workfront for Jira."

Simple Task Creation for Android Beta 

You can now create tasks directly from a project, a task, or from the Home area for the beta version of the Android mobile app. 

For information about creating tasks and subtasks in the mobile app, see "Creating Tasks and Subtasks from Projects and Tasks." 

Prior to this enhancement, this functionality was available only for the iOS platform. 

For a video demonstration of this functionality, see the "Simple Task Creation" video in the "Workfront Mobile App Improvements."

Update to the User View in the Resource Planner 

We have changed which users you display in the User View of the Resource Planner by default. With the new update, all users in the system now display in the User View. Only the users associated with the filtered projects can also be expanded and display hour information.

Prior to this update, only the users assigned to work items on the projects you filtered for displayed in the User View of the Resource Planner. Users who were not assigned to the projects included in the filters on the User View did not display at all.  

Now, you can use user-based filters to reduce the number of users displayed in the User View to only those who are assigned to the projects you want to display. 

For information about filters in the Resource Planner, see "Filtering Content in the Resource Planner."

The WBS View on a Task List Is No Longer Available by Right-clicking the Task Number Column

You no longer can right-click the Task Number column in a task list to show the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) of the project. 

You can still apply the WBS view to the task list to display the WBS of the project. 

For information about viewing WBS in a task list, see "Determining Work Breakdown Structure in a Project."

This article last updated on 2019-02-08 18:30:39 UTC