2019.2 Features Released Directly to Production

This page describes all features introduced directly in the Production environment during the timeframe of the 2019.2 release. The functionality described in this section was not included in Preview and did not release to Production at the same time as other enhancements included in this release.

For a list of all changes made in 2019.2, see "2019.2 Release Activity Overview."

The 2019.2 release contains the following enhancements that are currently in Production:

Filter Proof Approval Report to Omit Previous Proof Versions

On any Proof Approval report, you can now use the new Is Current Document Version filter to include only the current versions of proofs waiting for your approval.

This is useful, for example, if you have been asked to approve proofs that have multiple versions. When you run the Proof Approval report with the Is Current Document Version filter, the report lists only the current version of each proof awaiting your approval, omitting earlier versions that you no longer need to work on.

For more information, see "Filtering Proof Approval Report to Include Only Current Proof Versions."

Deactivate Unused Objects

If you have objects that are no longer used, you can now deactivate them to hide them from lists in order to prevent users from associating them with other objects.

Now, when you edit any of the objects below, you can indicate whether they should be active. Objects that are set to Active appear in drop-down menus and type-ahead fields and can be attached to other objects. Objects not set to Active are not visible in drop-down menus and type-ahead fields to attach to other objects.

  • Approval Processes
  • Companies
  • Custom Forms
  • Milestone Paths
  • Portfolios
  • Programs
  • Templates

Anything you deactivate that is currently used continues to function as it always has, and is not removed or blocked.

IMPORTANT When creating these objects via the Workfront API, the default value for the “isActive” parameter is true. This is a new field for all objects and is not available for you to edit prior to version 11 of the API. This field did previously exist for Portfolio’s, except that the default value was false; it will change to a default value of true starting with version 11 of the API.

This article last updated on 2019-04-12 22:36:49 UTC