Access Needed to Budget Resources


The highlighted information on this page refers to functionality not yet generally available. It is available only in the Preview Sandbox environment.

You can view resource budgeting information for the projects that you have access to view.

In order to budget resources, manage Resource Pools, and see Cost information in the Resource Planning tools, your access level and your project-level permissions must meet a number of conditions. These conditions differ depending on which environment you are budgeting your resources in:

  • In the Production environment:
    • In order to budget resources, you must be designated as the Resource Manager on the projects whose resources you want to manage. This automatically gives you Manage permissions to the project.
      For more information about designating someone as a Resource Manager on a project, see "Designating Resource Managers for a Project or a Template."
  • In the Preview environment: 
    • Your Workfront administrator has assigned you a Plan license, with Edit access to Resource Management in your Access Level with access to edit project priorities and budget hours. If you need to manage Resource Pools, the Resource Management access must also include access to manage Resource Pools. 
      For information about the Resource Management access level, see "Understanding Resource Management Access Level."
    • Your Workfront administrator has assigned you a Plan license with Edit access to Financial Data in your Access Level.
      For information about the Financial Data access level, see "Understanding Financial Access."
    • You have Manage permissions on the project that include Manage Finance permissions.
      For information about project permissions, see "Understanding Project Permissions."
      For information about financial permissions on a project, see "Understanding Financial Permissions."
    • When budgeting resource in the Role view, if you have less than Manage permissions for at least one project listed under the role, you cannot budget hours, FTE, or Cost of the role. You can budget only the projects that you have Manage permissions for.  

For information about how you can budget resources in the Resource Planner, see the "Budgeting Resources in the Resource Planner" section in the "Planning in the Resource Planner" article.

For information about how you can budget resources for a project, see "Budgeting Project Resources in the Business Case."


This should be linked from Planning in the Resource Planner - in the Budgeting Resources in the RP area

This is also linked to the product, in the tooltip for the View-only mode of the Budgeted Hours boxes. You gave this link to Vazgen and the team for the tooltip and documented this in this sheet: 



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