Maintenance Update on March 13, 2019

The following customer-reported issues were fixed on March 13, 2019:

Ref # Name Application Area
21478262 Actual hours showing for the previous month due to the Time Zone difference WF: Resource Planner
21838493 Budgeted vs. planned hours do not match WF: Resource Planner
21842838 Check mark in "Ready" column not showing up WF: Legacy Lists
21500371 Home Calendar: Checkmark for complete items don't show up in some cases WF: Workfront Home Calendar
21839395 Horizontal Scroll Bar Covers the Large Text on the Last Task in the Listing WF: Legacy Lists
21580445 Proof Deadlines of Some Proofs Not Populating in the Report when added after proof creation Proof: Proof in Workfront App
21393034 Proof deadlines not displaying on custom layouts for Home WF: Proofing, Proof: Proof in Workfront App
21842845 Report export shows "No Results Found" error when sorting twice in a sharecol WF: Report Results
21835302 Reports and views using the $$TODAY variable are returning no data when used with custom date fields WF: Report Results, WF: Custom Data
21446045 Statuses for all request types display in the Status List on the Updates box WF: Update Stream
21848410 Task List Issue when working with parent and child task. Corrupting the list of tasks WF: Legacy Lists
21839935 Unable to create new reports or access report folders with French browser language WF: Report Builder
21847445 Users cannot duplicate tasks on a dashboard built in as a menu on a project. Button does nothing WF: Legacy Lists
21835091 Using $$TODAY in an Hours report for Entry date for hours entered $$TODAY for $$TODAY results in no data. Last update date $$TODAY works fine WF: Report Builder
21833328 Using inline editing to unassign a user from a task also unassigns the user's job role WF: Legacy Lists
21835303 Whoops! Something went wrong on Task Report WF: Report Builder
This article last updated on 2019-03-14 14:33:05 UTC