Workfront Library learning resources

Workfront Library is an enterprise digital content hub you can use to manage the full lifecycle of your organization's digital assets.

With Workfront Library, you can create content, find information, use and store digital assets, and manage content access.

To learn more about setting up and using Workfront Library, use the following links to access helpful resources.

NOTE Currently, all Workfront Library Help articles are in PDF format and are available only through this page. Each PDF contains related Help articles that are grouped together based on the access levels available in Workfront Library. We will have all the articles available on the Help site soon.

User access area PDF file name Topics covered in PDF
Administration and Setup   Metadata

Keyword Metadata

  • Overview of keyword metadata
  • Add keywords to content
  • Delete a keyword

Taxonomy Metadata

  • Overview of taxonomy metadata
  • Setup taxonomy
  • Edit taxonomy
  • Determine display order
  • Delete taxonomy
User Access

Overview of Acess to Workfront Library


Group Access

  • Overview of group access
  • Give group access
  • Change access of a group
  • Remove a group

Individual Access

  • Give users access
  • Change a user's access
  • Remove a user
Workfront Library Setup

Required configuration for authentication

Set up content expiration

Set up integration with Workfront

Content Management      Collections

Overview of collections

Create a collection

Open a collection

Add and Remove items

Edit a collection

Content Versioning

Overview of content versioning

Upload a new version

View older versions


Filter for expired content

Filter for hidden content


Overview of folders

Create a folder

Add and remove content

Portals Give users access to a portal
Manage Content

Upload new content

Share items with other users

Rename items

Hide and unhide content

Delete items

Workfront Library Basics Workfront Library Basics

Workfront Library fundamentals

Open Workfront Library

Open items in Workfront Library

Access content in Workfront Library

Search for items in Workfront Library

Sort content

Create a work request

View work requests

Download content from Workfront Library

Filter content displayed

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