Content expiration in Workfront Library

Content expiration in Workfront Library

Keep your organization's digital content collection fresh by expiring out-of-date assets.

As time goes on, your asset collection in Workfront Library will grow quite large. As someone who contributes content, part of your job is to ensure the most recent assets are available. This could be a contract template with the current year’s date or the most recent photo of your CEO. Or maybe you want the spring catalog content to expire as the summer catalog takes its place.

Going through Workfront Library manually to identify assets that are outdated or should no longer be used is time-consuming … and honestly, not a great use of your time. Setting expiration dates on assets can help you manage your digital content more effectively.

Setting expiration dates

When you’re uploading digital assets to Workfront Library is the easiest time to add an expiration date.

Find the expiration field in the metadata area and click to open the pop-up calendar. Select the date for the asset to expire.



A star by the field name indicates it’s a required field and you won’t be able to finish the upload without selecting a date.

Not every asset may need an expiration date, depending on how your organization is using and maintaining Workfront Library. You may see a “No Date” checkbox, depending on the settings in your system. This allows you to upload the content without first setting an expiration date.


If you don’t see the expiration date field in the metadata area, then your system administrator hasn’t enabled the expiration option in your Workfront Library system.

Edit expiration dates

Edit an existing expiration date on an asset that’s already been uploaded by opening the details panel with the icon. Click Edit and set a date in the expiration field.



Do the same thing to set an expiration date on an asset that doesn’t have one.

What happens to expired content?

Expired assets are not deleted. They remain in Workfront Library, but a global system setting controls who can see and download expired assets.

If you can view expired assets, a red bar across the bottom of the thumbnail indicates it is expired.


Users with permissions to see expired assets can control if these expired assets display when they’re looking in folders, viewing a collection, or running a search. Toggle on or off the “show expired” filter.


A global system setting determines when notifications are set regarding an asset’s pending expiration. The notification in Library goes to the person who uploaded the asset.

Settings controlled by system administrator

Your organization will establish standards for digital content expiration. Some of the considerations include:

  • Do all assets require an expiration date?
  • How far out should expiration dates be? Does it depend on the type of content?
  • Will expired assets be visible to Library users?
  • What exactly does “expired” mean at your organization? Never use an expired asset? It’s OK to use in certain situations? The campaign is complete? The contract is outdated?

Global system setup for expiration dates are handled by your Workfront Library system administrator. Options are:

  • Allowing assets to expire in Library.
  • Requiring an expiration date be assigned when an asset is uploaded.
  • Managing visibility of expired assets -- everyone can see them or just those with administrator or manager access levels.
  • Frequency of expiration notifications.

How does changing the global settings affect existing content?

What happens if the global expiration settings weren’t turned on when your Workfront Library system launched but were turned on after content had already been uploaded?

For example, when you uploaded the 2019 professional services statement of work, the expiration date field didn’t even show up in the metadata area. But since that upload, the system administrator made expiration dates required on all assets. How is your 2019 SOW affected?

Because it was uploaded before an expiration date was required, it is fine. It’ll continue to exist in Workfront Library without an expiration. But once someone edits the metadata on the asset, an expiration date will have to be selected before any changes can be saved.

Key to content management

Expiration dates on digital assets contribute to the overall management of digital content in your Workfront Library system.

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