Connect Workfront with Workfront Library

Connect Workfront with Workfront Library

Enable a seamless workflow with a simple system setting.

With Workfront, your users can take an asset from request through all steps of creation to final approval. Then the final, approved deliverable can be pushed directly from the Workfront project to the appropriate folder in Workfront Library. No need for browser tab switching or logging into a different application!

To enable this seamless workflow, you (as the system administrator) need to turn on a global system setting that connects your Workfront environment with Workfront Library. This is the same kind of setting that you may have previously turned on for Dropbox or Google Drive.

1. Log in to Workfront as a system administrator. Click the Setup menu in the global navigation bar.

2. Select Documents from the menu, and then Cloud Providers.



3. Check the box next to Workfront Library.



4. And don’t forget to click Save.


Send to Library

Now, let’s take a quick look at what this did for your users.

A creative designer has a seasonal sale in-store banner ready to send to Workfront Library, so it can be distributed to all of the retail stores. Every step related to creating this ad has been managed in Workfront — request intake, managing the project, reviewing and approving the ad, etc. Now it’s time for Workfront Library to step in for sharing the banner.

The designer selects the file attached to the Workfront project. Under the More menu is a Send To option. And under Send To is … Workfront Library. This is what our set-up in the Documents menu enabled.


From there, the creative designer can select the appropriate folder, add the metadata, and complete the send. The retail store reps can now access that in-store banner through Workfront Library.


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This article last updated on 2019-04-01 22:13:35 UTC