Make a Request in Workfront Library

Make a request in Workfront Library

File a work request for new collateral straight into Workfront.

Workfront Library is the spot for managing and distributing the work you’ve created. But what happens when you can’t find what you need in Library? What if you discover what you’re looking for doesn’t even exist?

Request it.

Modern work often begins in Workfront with a request. Making the request and turning it into a project is managed with Workfront, with distribution of the final deliverable handled via Workfront Library.

Because Workfront Library and Workfront are integrated, you can make that request in Workfront directly from the Library window. No need to navigate back into Workfront.

Just click Requests from the menu bar and select Make a Request.


You have access to all of the same request options you do in Workfront. In fact, this IS Workfront. Library has a built-in shortcut.

So select the type of request you need, fill out the form, and submit. The request is in Workfront and ready to make its way through the steps needed to create your final item.


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This article last updated on 2019-04-01 22:13:18 UTC