Send Digital Content from Workfront to Workfront Library

Send digital content from Workfront to Workfront Library

Get final deliverables in to Library for fast, easy distribution.

With Workfront, your can take an asset from request to creation to approval. Then you can send the final deliverable from the Workfront project to Workfront Library. No need for browser tab switching or logging into a different application!

You have a seasonal sale in-store ad that has been through the approval process — using Workfront’s proofing features — and is ready to share with the retail stores. That means it needs to go to Workfront Library, where it can be added with the other sale collateral and shared with the store managers.

1. Start by selecting the document from the Documents tab.

2. From the More dropdown, select Send To and then Workfront Library.


3. Find the folder you need to drop the ad into, opening it by clicking the little arrow to the right of the folder name.


4. Once you have the right folder targeted, click the Next button.

5. Now fill in the metadata and keywords that need to be associated with this banner in Workfront Library.


6. And click Send to finish the process!

Your banner ad joins the other season sale collateral in Workfront Library, giving your retail store managers a one-stop-shopping location for all of the promotional materials they need to launch the next big event.

The library icon indicates assets have been sent to Workfront Library.



If you upload a new version of a document in Workfront, you’ll need to send it again manually to Workfront Library.

Each time you send an asset from Workfront — even if it’s a version of an existing file — it creates a new file in Workfront Library.

For example, you have a file called Men’s Ad that’s in Workfront. You send that to Workfront Library, where it shows up as Men’s Ad.

You upload a new version of the file in Workfront called Men’s Ad 2. In Workfront, you can see the two versions. And the file name is still Men’s Ad. Use the Send To option again, to send the new version to Workfront Library.

When you go into Workfront Library, you see two separate files — Men’s Ad and Men’s Ad 2.

Delete Men’s Ad from Workfront Library if you don’t need it anymore, move it to another folder, or change the sharing permissions on the file.

If you want to create a version of a file that already exists in Workfront Library, you’ll need to do the version upload through Workfront Library. It’s important to note that this update will not be reflected in Workfront.

Right now, Workfront cannot send a file to Workfront Library and have it be a version of an existing file. Nor can Library send updates back to Workfront. Our product teams are working hard on both of those options, so that functionality will be coming in the future.


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This article last updated on 2019-04-01 23:05:10 UTC