Expiration Settings for Workfront Library

Expiration settings for Workfront Library

Use the expiration features to keep your digital content library up to date.

Making sure the contents of your Workfront Library is up-to-date and relevant is a must.

Rather than manually purging items or throwing assets into folders that only administrators can access, use Workfront Library’s asset expiration features.

The first thing to consider is the types of assets that would need expiration settings. Here are a few examples:

  • Images that were purchased and can be used for a specific length of time.
  • Headshots of company officers that are retaken annually.
  • A contract template that needs to be updated at the end of the year.
  • Logos that are being phased out.


There are also four system settings to consider when configuring your asset expiration:

1. Enabling asset expiration for your Workfront Library instance.

2. Determining if expiration dates should be required data entered when uploading content.

3. Establishing who can see and download expired content.

4. Setting expiration reminder notifications so content librarians or content owners are aware digital content is ready to expire.


Set up expiration criteria

Expiration settings are accessed from the Setup menu. From there, click on the Content Expiration option. Keep in mind that these are global settings and apply to all Workfront Library users and assets.

1. Asset Expiration

Enabling Asset Expiration gives users the ability to set an expiration date when they’re uploading assets. If selected, when viewing the details of an already-uploaded asset, the expiration date field will appear along with the other metadata.


If this option is unchecked, Workfront Library users cannot assign expiration dates to assets. Content librarians, administrators, and other asset managers will need to manually monitor the Library contents and get rid of assets that are out of date or no longer needed.

2. Required on Upload

Enabling “Required on Upload” makes the expiration date field a required field when assets are being uploaded.


But Workfront Library recognizes that not every asset needs an expiration date. So the “no date” option allows you to designate that, while fulfilling the upload requirement.

This is a great way to ensure that everyone uploading content to Library has to stop and think about whether an expiration date is needed … and what it should be.

With this checked, it means that all assets in Library are required to have an expiration date. This includes assets that were uploaded before the setting was enabled. If you edit one of these existing assets, you’ll have to add an expiration date before saving the changes.

3. Visibility

The next setting, “Visibility,” controls who can access expired assets based on your organization's workflows and asset management needs.


  • Everyone — This setting allows all users who had permissions to the asset before it expired continue to have access after the asset expires. The item will show up in search results, collections, and in their Library or My Content areas.
  • Admins and Managers Only — This setting allows only users with the Administrator or Manager access level can view expired assets, which are marked with the red bar. Those with the Viewer access level will not see expired assets in their search results, collections, etc.

A red bar on an asset thumbnail indicates it has expired.

An optional setting, available when Everyone is selected, is Prevent Viewer Download. This prevents users with the Viewer access level from downloading or sharing expired assets.


Also, enabling this option means that all public links to assets are disabled.

4. Notify Users 

To help track expiring assets, Workfront Library can send notification emails to the asset owner and any users with access to the asset. This is managed through the “Notify Users” setting. Knowing that asset expirations are approaching helps content libraries, asset managers, and others plan ahead — Is it OK if the asset expires? Do certain users still need access to the asset? Does the expiration date need to be extended?

Select a single reminder or multiple reminders, depending on what suits your organization’s asset management processes. Users get an email notification, plus a notification within Workfront Library.


If no options are selected, then email notifications are not sent.

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