Workfront Library Terminology

Workfront Library terminology

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Library area — The place where content that has been shared with you can be found. Users with Manage permissions to assets/folders can add or remove content from the folders in the Library area. Users with View permission to the assets/folders can only see the files to which they have access in this area.

My Content area — Personal workspace for an individual user. This is where a user can curate their personal documents and folders. They can share assets and folders from My Content by making them public, sharing with specific users, or adding them to a collection.

Collections — A group of assets or folders that are compiled for a specific purpose, such as distributing approved company logos or gathering images to be used to create a catalog. Folders and documents can be added to a collection. Collections can be shared both internally and publicly.

Folders — A way to organize and share content. Folders can have subfolders within them for organizational purposes. Users can share folders with others or add them to Collections.

Portals — A way to share assets to a group outside of your normal sharing. Portals function like a collection, with those accessing the portals seeing only the assets they’ve been given permission to view. Portals can be configured to hide specific taxonomy fields from viewers in within the portal.

Notifications — Method where users are informed of changes to the assets they have access to or own. Users receive in-app notifications and email notifications when assets are shared with them.

Requests — Submit Workfront requests using request queues and custom forms created in Workfront.

Metadata — Fields for data that are attached to documents. These can be auto-populated when sending documents from Workfront to Workfront Library. Metadata helps organize and categorize documents.

Keywords — Keywords describe an asset and are used to search and filter through your asset library. Only keywords specified in the list can be assigned to an asset.

Enterprise-grade search — Workfront’s proprietary algorithm that makes it easy to find content in Workfront Library. Scouring metadata and keywords across documents, folders, and collections, the search lets you search by exact phrases or broad, general topics to find what you’re looking for.


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