Welcome to the Idea Exchange! This is where you help us improve the product with your ideas. Feel free to browse around to see product ideas others have submitted. Authorized Support Contacts can vote and comment on as many of the ideas as they like, but you can only vote (up or down) for each idea once.

Once an idea has received the critical vote threshold of 45 votes, Workfront Product Management will address whether the idea is Planned or Not Planned for an upcoming release. Product management will give definitive communication on that idea within 30 days of the idea surpassing the critical mass threshold. There is no guarantee of any product management communication until an idea achieves the critical vote threshold. An idea that is below the critical vote threshold may also be included in an upcoming release as the idea may have already been included on the product roadmap. You can always reference workfront.com/release to see the latest features in the upcoming release.

Once the critical vote threshold is achieved, the idea will have one of the following statuses:

  • Under consideration The Idea has achieved the critical vote threshold and Product Management is considering for addition to the product roadmap. An idea may stay in this status for 1-3 months while the product team researches and engages with customers on a potential addition to the product.
  • Planned A solution has been added to the product backlog and will be delivered in a future release within the next 12 months.
  • Not planned Product management has determined it will not build a solution within the next 12 months. Product management will provide a brief explanation as to why this idea did not make it in the product roadmap.
  • Delivered A solution has been created and delivered. No further updates will be provided and comments will be disabled.

Here’s how the Idea Exchange works:

  1. Before posting a new idea, search to see if your idea already exists. If you find a similar idea, then just vote by clicking on the “up arrow” next to the idea title.
  2. If you did not find a similar idea, then first navigate to the relevant category for your idea. To submit a new idea, click on the blue “New Idea” button. Next enter a descriptive title, add additional details to help others understand the idea, if needed select the relevant topic and hit “Submit.”

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